Friday, May 2, 2014

Studio Fun Part 2

I am in a constant state of learning and trying to improve my photography skills. Constant. There's an endless river of crap to learn. Haha. Really it's fun, though. It's fun to have something that interests and challenges me every day. My latest challenge is learning studio lights. I invested in a real live studio light so that I could manage better on cloudy days and it's SO tricky to get it right. I am taking a class this month to help, but in the meant time I just have to practice.

It's never super fun to practice with my kids, but on this day we managed. It's kind of hilarious to me to see Cecie just being herself, not listening to me AT. ALL. I'm sure I was sweating by the end of this.

And I sort of wish I would have actually cleaned up the background a little....that damn step stool photobombed again!