Saturday, June 21, 2014


So here's the truth. I have tons of photos of my kids sitting on my computer and/or memory cards. So many that it overwhelms me to think about deciding which ones to share, so I just don't do it. Stupid, I know. So today I am just going to write a few things and not worry about the pictures. My goal this week is to share photos on here, though. I want to do this....for my future self and my kids and anyone who still checks in here! So there. It's out there that I am going to do it :)

So here are a few things that I want to share....

Summer vacation has started and my kids are busy. They both go to day care 2x a week. Simon was going to go to the same place as Cecie but the teacher smelled of smoke so strong that I figured he'd get some second hand smoke action so I pulled him out and put him in the day care through the rec department. It means an extra trip every day, but both locations are close and the rec department is actually cheaper. Plus he has his best buddies from school there and gets to go swimming every Thursday. And apparently gets 2 juice boxes a day. No comment on that one.

He's also in a handful of day camps at the zoo. His first one was yesterday and he LOVED it. Simon is not super into sports, but tell him he can spend the day talking about animals and he's all in. Kind of funny to see his interests really start to emerge.

I am doing my best to manage my job and have some fun with the kids this summer. Every day is a balancing act....and some days go better than others. I have a job that I absolutely love and means a lot to me and is always on my mind, so sometimes I get absorbed in it and time just passes. I'm trying harder to not do that. Because I love my kids MORE of course ;)

Cecilia is staaaaaarting to get potty trained sort of. She went at day care (maybe she's gone more than once there, I don't know, I just happened to walk in when she was finishing up). She tries to go all the time and sometimes will poop in her diaper right next to the potty. So it's on her mind. With Simon we did potty boot camp but our life just doesn't work for that again right now. So we are taking it slow and letting her take the lead for the most part. I don't think her personality would allow any other way.

She is talking up a storm. Full sentences. Like "because I want juice too" or "i wanna go get ice cream" or "no fair I don't wanna get out." It catches me by surprise every single day. LOVE. THIS. STAGE. She is like a totally different kid than she was 6 months ago. Age one was so hard for me. She thew tantrums CONSTANTLY and was just crabby all day from what I can remember. Now she is funny and happy and significantly less emotional. 2 is a million times easier than 1 was. No comparison. And who knows what 3 will bring, but I am going to soak up our good days for now. (And don't get me wrong, she is not perfectly behaved all the time but her naughty crabby bs is just fewer and farther between).

Okay, I am going to make these kids breakfast. They are on the couch watching The Croods for the 500th time right now....

Who read this whole thing?! Haha.