Thursday, August 14, 2014


It's too complicated to really explain why, but Cecie went to day care today and Simon stayed home with me. I took the opportunity to do something with Simon that we wouldn't normally do with a 2 year old. 

So our day started with breakfast at our local bakery and then off to mini golfing. He was pretty good. I didn't take a single picture as my phone was sitting happily in my car...somewhere it should be much more often than it is...out of reach. But even without a picture to document our time there, I assure you we were there. And I enjoyed listening to him go on about the game. He was focused. He didn't think or talk about one single thing outside of mini golf the entire 18 holes. I had to stop just to hug him somewhere in the middle because he was just so cute.

Cecie got into Bryan's pomade (fancy name for hair gel) and caked it on her braids soooo thick. So we had to wash it and fro it out because there was just no time for anything else, and then the next day she had an "incident with the sand" at day care. I left carrying her upside down trying to bat the sand out of her curls. Not easy to do!

Cecie is saying so much, so clearly and so completely these days. Wah-wee became water this week. I told her today that she breaks my heart every time she says water and she gave me an annoyed look and went to fill her cup with water. She gets her cup out of the drawer, fills it up at the fridge and is on her way...the girl loves to be independent. Soooo much more so than Simon was (or maybe is).

Simon has expressed his disinterest in going back to school. I don't blame him really. We've been living foot loose and fancy free (is that the right saying??!) for awhile now and I'm not really ready to have to make lunches every day again. But, alas, I will have to.

Anyway, I should go to bed.