Friday, February 20, 2015

No Pictures...

I have been pretty spectacularly horrible at taking pictures of my kids. I even bought a second camera thinking maybe I would use it more. Well.....that has not happened. It's been a busy February work-wise so I'm using that as my excuse! So much seems constantly changing on the work front I am just trying to keep up and roll with it.

In the meantime, I will share a few stories.

I posted on facebook about how we paid Simon to put Cecilia to bed. The number thrown out there was $30. We didn't really expect him to do anything, but apparently he understands the value of $30 because he was off and running with her.

He got her upstairs, got her to go potty, got a diaper on her, helped her brush her teeth, got her into pajamas and then came the hard part....keeping her in her bed. I was in the hall listening to all this go down and was downright shocked he made it as far as he did. But she kept running into the hall by me and then he would encourage her back to her room offered her waffles SEVERAL times if she stayed in her bed. So in his most big brother convincing encouraging soft voice he was saying, "Cecie if you stay in bed you can have waffles in the morning....waffles Cecie! Cecie waffles, do you want waffles in the morning? Waffles?" She 100% ignored the waffle thing but he was trying sooooo hard. It was the sweetest most hilarious thing! So then I intervened and helped get her in bed. When we were walking out he said in the most serious voice, "Can I have my $30 now?"

He asked for it again tonight. I don't think we are getting out of that promise.

Cecilia continues to be her crazy self and now has this added layer of pure sass that surprises me allllllll the time. She enjoys tattling, threatening to tattle, talking back and making her opinions known. I suppose this is typical for a 3 year old?! She is also sweet as pie sometimes. We've been saying FOREVER that is a child of extremes and she continues to prove that theory true. Extremely sweet, extremely snuggly, extremely sassy.

Wonder what the next one will be like....sometimes I wonder IF there will be a next one. Too early to tell I guess being only 3 months into the wait, but I still can't quite wrap my head around the idea that it could actually happen. This thought keeps me from getting clothing, a crib, carseat, or anything that you might need to care for a new baby. I think it is stressing my mother out that we have nothing. Haha :) I figure we'll manage!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Funny (to us)

I was showing Cecilia a video and after it was over she said "don't turn it off!" which I did because it was over. She said "What did I JUST said?" Made me laugh :)

Simon got some information sent home about the fundraiser Jump Rope for Heart. This is my best memory of how that went....not even sure he took a breath:

"Mom we need to give money for this because it saves lives. Mom see it says that for every duck I earn I can save a life! We need to give money for this because it saves lives! Mom do we have any money? Do you have a thousand dollars? Dad has some hundreds. I saw Dad's hundred dollar bills." 

And more of this for the next hour.

That is all for today!