Thursday, January 29, 2015


I don't know how to get myself to do this again. I think I need to set up a new goal of writing a short story once a day about each kid and posting it. And eventually add more photos. Because ohmygosh am I going to be pissed at myself for not doing this.

So here goes.

Today I had a mommy temper tantrum. You know where your kids are just doing their usual thing but for whatever reason you just CAN. NOT. TAKE. IT?! Today it was breakfast and the extreme amount of time they required to eat a piece of toast. Mostly Cecie, who wound up going to day care hungry since she couldn't manage more than 2 bites in 15 minutes.

So I had a hissy fit and yelled and slammed the bathroom door and stayed in there for a few minutes to try to pull myself together. Of course I regained composure and everyone got where they needed to be on time and all was well in the world.

Later on I was talking to Simon about the high and low points in his day and he didn't mention our morning. I asked him about it directly and he said "I just didn't know why it was so LOUD when I didn't even DO anything!" HA! He was just indignant. As usual.

Cecie on the other hand cried on the stairs while I was near tears in the bathroom. She is a gentler soul who cannot tolerate yelling of any kind. I moved her hand out of the way the other day and she cried about it holding her hand as if I slapped it because apparently her feelings were hurt that I moved her hand? So anyway, I had to go apologize for yelling and explain to her how important it is to eat breakfast and yadda yadda. We hugged it out.

I thought quite a lot about Baby Number 3 during this little episode. Not sure how this is going to go...but it will go.