Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Easter 2014

This is my last blog update for the night. I think I adequately got caught up! Haha. So anyway, here are some pictures from our annual Easter egg hunt at my in laws house in Appleton. This year it was actually pretty nice out! I failed to get many other photos from the rest of Easter this year, so I'm glad I took the time to get my camera out for this. Simon always loves it!

A new do for once!

It's been awhile since I've tried anything new with Cecie's hair. A couple of weeks ago, however, she seemed like she was in a good mood so I was brave and tried a brand new style. I loved it! It took two full episodes of Daniel Tiger from start to finish (plus washing but who's counting). I gave her a bag of suckers too. We do whatever we have to do around here to get through it! She is getting SOOOOO much better at sitting through it now that she can watch TV and open suckers herself. It's still MUCH MUCH easier to have an assistant of some kind to help, but we make do when we have to :)


So, I'm going to admit it. I waited for Cecie to nap before coloring eggs this year. And I don't regret it :) Maybe she will be mature enough next year, but this year it would have been a nightmare. So Simon and I colored eggs without her and she was none the wiser. A good choice I think!

He was SO excited about this egg for the Easter Bunny. So I said I would get a picture of him with it. And he gave me this serious stare. I reminded him how excited he was and we got photo number 2 this kid.

PS Isn't he looking old? It hit me today he is going to be in FIRST. GRADE. next year. Deeeeep breath.

Studio Fun

She crawled into my studio and I trailed her with my camera. I freaking LOVE the hair to butt ratio. It's seriously not a camera thing...that's what it looked like in real life. GOD. So cute. And three photos down you can see how skinny this chick is. She eat like a COW. More than Simon. More than me probably. But she has these lean, long, skinny limbs that make her look older than she is. I cannot stop smiling looking at these, despite how random they are! :)

A good spine

I am not sure how often Cecie sleeps on the floor during naps or during the night, but I think it's more or less a regular thing. Sometimes she is right by the door, sometimes in the middle of the floor. Just one of her little quirks!

I had to wake her up on this day because sometimes she sleeps too close to dinnertime and I worry she won't fall asleep at night then....I had my camera ready from snapping her pics sleeping in the floor so I went for a mirror selfie. I think that is a towel on my head. This is a pic I will cherish I think :)

She likes to play hide and seek in her big, empty dresser. Empty other than one dress. Anything else would be on the floor, so we don't give her the option!

Angry about who knows what!

Love his face :) Might have to print this one. Too bad there is a step stool in the background!

Daddy's Girl

These two have something special. I'm telling you...

Tooth 3

Simon lost his third tooth recently. It happened at school which actually made it much more exciting because he got a tooth necklace and got to wear his tooth around all day. He was SO excited about it when he got home. I love his enthusiasm :)