Friday, October 21, 2011

A Strange Phenomenon

When Simon was first potty trained, I knew that if I ever said anything like, "he hasn't had an accident in forever," I'd be cleaning up pee by sunset. How did I know? Because it happened pretty much every time.

I took this lesson to heart when it came to vomit. Whenever anyone would discuss their kid's vomiting (normal discussion, right?) I would do my best to stay quiet because I didn't want to jinx the puke-free streak we've had since the days of baby spit up.

So early last week when I was discussing with a friend what seemed like a lot or a little in regards to the number of times for a child to vomit in their young lifetimes, I said it. I said something on the lines of "anything seems like a lot I guess because we've been lucky so far...but mark my words, now by the end of the week he'll probably puke." I even went as far as to call my sister to tell her I'd have a puker by the end of the week because I opened my big fat mouth.

But, alas, I was wrong. The puke didn't come until the end of the following week....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Costumes 2010 vs 2011

I've seen Simon in costume many times, and many times he has been very creative and unique with his combinations. From 2010 (above and below) his giraffe wearing pink butterfly wings and a blue wig (with sticks in it from rolling around in the leaves) took the cake in my opinion...

Even later that same day he made me laugh with his construction hat and a tattered pink skirt...

A year later he is still creating combinations that make me laugh, and I wonder if he will always be this free-spirited and creative. Here's a little snippet into our afternoon a year later...

...I guess not much has changed in that way yet! If you're wondering, towards the end he says, "I got stripes on me....and a skirt on...and BONES!...and a carrot."

As a side note, I'm glad that Bryan was home to witness this and so glad that he is not the type of father who freaks out when he sees his son dressed as such :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Update (or lack thereof)

I spoke with our social worker, Lynn, yesterday. Not exactly good news, but not exactly bad either I suppose.

I really just wanted to know whether we have been presented more than the one time (I specifically said we didn't want to know if we were actively being presented to anyone). It turns out that in the few months we've been waiting, she is only aware of the one potential match from September that I already knew about. She has facilitated several placements, but we were not considered for those babies because of our preferences.

All I know is that it could still be today, but it's more than likely that we haven't even scratched the surface of our wait. Three months down, _____ months to go...

Friday, October 7, 2011

Pumpkin Farm

Today was Simon's first field trip and first ride on a school bus. I think he was equally excited about both opportunities...

The bus was full of moms (and two dads) and their squirrelly children. Luckily it was only a 10 minute drive as it was BUMPY and while I never get motion sickness, I was on the verge of it by the time we got there. It made me wonder if bus rides were always like that or if I just noticed now that I'm old.

After we got there, it was onto pumpkin picking right away:

He finally picked one that looked like an egg or an "eggy" as he says (why the "ee" sound follows 90% of his words I'll never know):

Snack time with Parker and Anna next to him, and Dylan and Lauren on the other side with Mrs. Hanson:

Mrs. Hanson requested all the kids get together for a picture. Simon adamantly REFUSED. He pitched a total fit and no amount of bribing was going to get him to go near that group. He ran off and I stopped to get a quick picture anyways of the cooperative children:

He ran a short way into the corn maze he earlier refused to go into and found this creepy couch, which finally made him smile:

It started off great and slowly went downhill, but I think most of the kids were feeling what he was feeling...tired. Now he is quiet upstairs and HOPEFULLY napping. Time will tell...

Monday, October 3, 2011

In 20 Years

This weekend, a friend of mine asked if I had any career aspirations for later in life, like 20 years from now after my kiddos are no longer kiddos. The first response that popped out of my mouth was something on the lines of "not really."

That's not entirely true, though. It is very true that I don't have a future career mapped out and don't see myself becoming a full-time career woman, but I do want to do something useful with my time. As fun as sitting around eating bon-bons can be, I'm sure it wouldn't exactly be fulfilling as a full-time job.

Who knows, maybe I'll be a foster mom or a counselor or a writer or a volunteer or a maid (haha) or a dog walker or a chef or a yoga instructor. Nothing that's likely to change the world, but hopefully something that will contribute to it. I guess we'll have to wait it out and see where life takes me...