Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Lent - Day 14

Ok so a couple people called me out on my whole "picture a day for Lent" thing. The truth is that I HAVE gotten my camera out way more and have taken more photos of my kids. The truth is also that it hasn't been every. single. day. The truth is also that I tried to upload a bunch of pics recently and it kept saying "upload failed" over and over so I obviously I couldn't upload. The truth is also that I am perpetually overwhelmed with life and work and everything seems to be faltering a little. Except Facebook. There always seems to be enough time and energy for Facebook. Maybe I should have given Facebook up for Lent....


On Day One I posted 6 pictures. Today I have 2 more so that is 8 (for you math duds out there, I added for you). Tomorrow I will have a bunch more so I will get caught a day for every day of Lent is all I promised and I did NOT promise to blog every day contrary to what seems to be popular belief :)

Simon here was completely ignoring me whilst being immersed in finding a Pokemon in this book. He claimed after that he knew I was there, but I can't be sure. So many more that wouldn't upload....stupid internet.

Off to bed.

Off to insomnia probably.

Stupid brain that won't shut off.

PS Cecilia almost put me over the mommy edge today. And by "almost" I really mean "absolutely and completely DID." A simple trip to the store with the best of intentions lead to me locking myself in my bathroom with a possessed toddler banging on the door while I took deep breaths and tried to find some fucking zen. I found it during nap time.

Is it okay to use the F word in a post with Lent in the title?


  1. LOL, I did give up Facebook for Lent. I never realized what a time zapper it was, my house has never been this clean since I had kids. Love this last picture of Simon. He looks so peaceful, I've never seen him quiet or still:)

  2. hahahaha about F word. i'm so glad you emailed me about locking yourself in the bathroom while i stood in the rain waiting for hugh to stop crying in the car. what a day. more pics please! RR

  3. This must have been the day I posted that mama zen article at "just the right moment" because I am awesome like that. HAHA! This post cracked me up. f word is hilarious.