Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Family Photos 2013

Ever since I started taking photos of other people's families, I've really, really wanted to get some done of my own family. I contacted a handful of other photographers, but either we couldn't get our schedules to work or I couldn't justify the price (obviously I value photography, but $900? Good for you, but I'm not your ideal client I guess!). So I took matters into my own hands. I set my camera how I wanted it, told my sister where to stand, and she snapped away. I did a little bit of editing to my favorites from the bunch and I'm really happy with the results! Thanks, Al :)

Simon was busy finding a home for a bug and Allison caught me yelling to him. Hahaha!

Bryan just ran a marathon the day before and was in a little bit of pain still....

So you may or may not know that a little over 2 weeks before the aforementioned marathon, Bryan sprained his ankle. These next 2 photos were taken just seconds after I STEPPED ON HIS FOOT. Ooops.

He's not over what I did to him. But I love this picture :)


  1. Lots of cute pics and real good shots! Good job sis and cute family t! Rr

  2. You owe Bryan big time for that one Theresa! Allison wants her name added to your logo, the photos caught great expressions, beautiful!

  3. these pics are HILARIOUS! they totally make me laugh and the sequence is so funny. some things that I love about simon are: tattoo on his face, his mom/photographer didn't make him take it off first. I love the random expressions on the parents and that one with Theresa in action yelling at simon (and bryan later on). hahaha. keep 'em coming!