Thursday, November 14, 2013

Too Fast

Cecilia is growing up too fast. In the past month she has started sleeping in a big girl bed, sitting on a regular chair at the table, eating with bowls/plates rather than always on a tray, getting herself utensils, helping unload the dishwasher of clean utensils, drinking out of a regular cup (when she sneaks it), going down the stairs by herself, sneaking out of the house, asking questions ("where daddy?"), saying statements ("I wanna see Adia!"), understanding the concept of if/then, and the list goes on. She peed on the potty today and said so. Yesterday she hid her hand behind a corner and when I asked her what was in her hand she looked brightly up at me and opened the hand that was visible and shrugged with this shit eating grin...all the while she made sure to keep the hand with contraband hidden. So I guess she started lying?

That is TOO. MANY. NEW. THINGS. in too short a time. All of a sudden she is not just a toddler, but she is a full blown experienced toddler practically overnight. So you know what? I am going to keep giving her a bottle when she asks. Yup, we still have bottles in our house and hell if I am going to take it away anytime soon. I love her and I love that baby bottle.

Picturing her with that bottle makes me want to break down and cry right little baby is just not a baby at all, but when she has that bottle she will let me hold her or at least change her diaper without a fight.

Now I am someone who loves to watch her kids grow up. I find it fun and exciting and don't typically miss the stages that are gone. And really that's true here too, but I feel like there was a stage that was skipped somehow....she's just such a big girl!!!

I would post pictures too, but it's late and my brain is tired. Maybe tomorrow I will get around to posting pictures and something about Simon too :)


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