Friday, November 1, 2013

Cecilia's Woes at 21 Months

I want to preface this by saying that I am not crying, complaining, desperate or overwhelmed by any of the below. Not every moment is easy and blissful of course, but I accept that this is my life right now and we're taking the good with the ugly. Because the good always outweighs the ugly.

This post just tells you how ugly it can be :)

I decided to keep a little log today to track every time Cecilia expressed her anger. Some of these "fits" as I will call them were a few seconds of disapproval, others maybe up to a minute or so, others came with a writhing body and swings at my face. I didn't keep track of the severity of the fit, only that she expressed her anger with some kind of howl or gesture. And also take note that this was a very typical day, not too out of control and not too overly easy.

So here we go...

  1. Simon left a lidless water cup out and she got her hands on it....I took it away after she dumped it all over herself and the coffee table. She was displeased.
  2. I put her coat on her.
  3. She didn't want to go to the Y Kid Care.
  4. She didn't want to leave the Y Kid Care.
  5. We turned into our driveway.
  6. I got her out of the car (I think she was still holding out hope that we would leave right away).
  7. I pulled her off of the stairs.
  8. I let Elliot clean up the food she dumped on the floor.
  9. I said "Hey Cecie," when she was batting at the dog.
  10. I put her down for a nap.
  11. After she awoke, I suggested a diaper change (not to be confused with an actual diaper change).
  12. I wasn't turning the pages fast enough in her book of choice.
  13. I declined her request for candy.
  14. I shut the gate going out to our back door.
  15. I took a battery away from her.
  16. Unknown.
  17. I look lotion away.
  18. Unknown.
  19. Unknown.
  20. I was holding her while cooking and she grabbed the pepper. I took the pepper away.
  21. I wouldn't let her reach the parsley.
  22. I actually changed her diaper.
  23. I put her discarded, but still partially full, milk cup in the fridge.
  24. Simon ate her discarded end pieces of apple pie at Grandma Ruthie's house.
  25. I collected her as she tried to run in the opposite direction of the door upon leaving Grandma Ruthie's.
  26. Leaving the Y again (this time she was ripped away from the jungle gym...bigger loss and bigger writhing mess).
  27. Another damn diaper change.
I THINK I got them all. I'm sure there were a few missed disagreements, but it's irrelevant. You get the idea! I was sure we'd be in the triple digits by the end of the day. Ha. She exceeded all of my expectations I guess! :) She was awake for about 8 hours today, so that's less than 1 fit every 20 minutes. I don't even know if that is a good or bad statistic. All I know is that this is what's happening round these parts these days and it just is what it is.

I do hope that one day she won't hate that nasty turn into our driveway so

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