Thursday, February 6, 2014

TWO! continued

She's dislocated her left elbow twice now. Tonight it was mid tantrum at Simon's open house. Bryan looked up on his phone how to pop it back in because she would NOT let us get her coat on her and it's about 7 degrees outside. He was able to do it and about a minute later it was like nothing ever happened. It's so sad seeing her walk around with a limp arm by her side!

Every day when Simon gets home from school she goes through his lunchbox and scavenges for leftovers.

When she gets up in the morning she calls for me from the other side of her door. Bryan usually opens the door and then starts to get ready for the day. Once that door is open, she wants nothing to do with me. She stalks Bryan outside the bathroom door and takes breaks to turn off the fan, shut her door, turn on our lamp, etc. My favorite thing she says is "shut the door" because she says, "shut da doe, shut da doe, shut da doe" like she has some wicked OCD going on.

She would watch youtube videos all day. Kids shows mean nothing to her. Give her some Macklemore or Justin Timberlake and she's all set. The Fox Song is her one childish indulgence.

She likes to do everything herself and says "No I do it!" when I try to help. She requests her coat, hat and mittens before leaving. As in, she tells me she needs these things. Apparently she doesn't trust that I will just provide them for her.

She has been sleeping in backwards footy jammies at night and for naps every day for what has to be a few months now. I don't plan to stop this as every time she is in a hoodie with a zipper it winds up on the floor.

She's picky about what she wears already. Simon did not start to care AT ALL until he was 5 I think. Second child? A girl?

She likes to put things over her head that cover her face (like a shirt halfway on, a hamper, etc.) and walk into things. She finds this HILARIOUS. Her laugh is so freaking amazing thinking about it kind of makes me want to cry. This video combines everything from this paragraph here.

All those clothes in that basket? Yeah that is where they live because we can't have anything in her room other than her bed, blanket and empty dressers. Anything extra is considered a sleep delayer. She unloaded her drawers one too many times before losing access. Then she took the drawers completely out of the dresser. She is crazy!

Here are some words that she says in her own special way...

boot = boot or book
buddah = Grandma Berta
awan on it = i want on it = i want butter on my toast or toothpaste on my toothbrush
awa wahwee = i want water
milt = milk
sine in = simon
ah waahv you = i love you
toat = coat
deedee = candy

My goodness there are probably a hundred more that I cannot think of!

It's been a really great week with her. Hopefully this week was a sign that the Terrible Ones are coming to an end. To everyone who says "terrible twos" or "terrible threes" I think you forgot allllllllll about the "terrible ones." One year olds have no sense of self preservation, no sense of their own physical limitations and can't tell you what they want. People block the Ones out after awhile I tell you! :)

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  1. Abby did the drawer thing for so long. Every single item out and on the floor and then the drawers. Two is soooooooooo hard. Good luck. I'm not loving 3 going on 4 much these days either. ha ha.