Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Cecilia turned two last week and feel like such a slacker mom for not writing about her as a fresh two year old yet. I still owe Simon a REAL post for being 6 too, but I'm going to go backwards and start with the girl.

I just wanted to share some things that make up Cecilia as she is right now.

She is talking a ton. She definitely does plenty of "Cecie speak" but I love that we can understand her and her little language nuances. There is something kind of special about being one of very few people to know exactly what this little person is saying so much of the time! (This topic could be - and will be - a separate post!)

She is so independent. More than I remember Simon being. She wants to do EVERYTHING herself. She sits at the table on a regular chair, with a regular plate, a regular fork (and often retrieves the fork herself) and half the time doesn't even have a lid on her cup anymore. Having an older sibling is definitely making her try to be a big girl faster!

Speaking of being a big girl, I bought her undies this week. She put them on over her diaper and jammies and uncomfortably walked around in them for awhile. Then she leaked through her diaper and jammies and got the undies wet. Ha! We aren't really planning to use them tomorrow or anything, but they are there when we are ready.

She actually started playing with toys and keeping herself busy the past few days. I am praying this is a new, permanent "thing" for her!! Normally she only wants to be on my lap ALL. DAY. LONG. and will only play with what is in arm's reach. This is why I think 15-24 months has been really challenging for me. She threw tantrums with the best 2 year olds out there and never left my side. I can take the tantrums, but the clinginess gets ooooolllllllllllldddddddddddd to me.

OMG I am overwhelmed right now thinking about everything I want to write about her. Must let it rest right now! Maybe more tomorrow. Which is in an hour.

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