Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Here are a handful of short videos I have taken in the past few months!

This one is just of our girl's amazing laugh. It's pretty spectacular. I have watched this about 30 times already today.


 This one goes back to Christmas 2013. The kids were all upstairs waiting for Santa to arrive with all of their gifts.


 This one they were watching out the window for Santa and SAW HIM!!!!!


 This was during our heavy Fox Song days. Love her moves.


 This was Simon's rendition of the Fox Song.


 This is Cecie showing off her knowledge of colors. (Spoiler: EVERYTHING is pink in her world.)


 This is from this morning. Cecie required a bath because her diaper fell down to the bottom of her footy jammies after she pooped. Good times. She found these two "guys" and asked Simon to "fight."


 Who watched all of them? Hahaha :)

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  1. I did :) C looks like a hipster in the first video!! Love all the videos!