Sunday, September 1, 2013

Top 10 for a boy and a girl

I was just sitting here thinking about all the things I love about my children. I mean, they're kids, so they are going to drive me batty plenty but, they're kids, so they're going to be uber lovable all the same. Now seems like as good a time as any to mention the top 10 things I love about each of those little people I have the privilege of calling my own.

The boy:

  1. The way he plays pretend allllll the time. He is constantly in his own little world doing who knows what and I love every second of it. 
  2. The way it kind of looks like he has a widow's peak because he has two white blonde patches where his receding hairline will presumably be some day. 
  3. That he needs about 90 seconds to be put to bed at night.
  4. That he is so confident he can say with zero jealousy that his sister is "the funniest."
  5. That he runs outside to greet the people he loves because waiting for them to get to the door is just too hard.
  6. That he is always thinking two steps ahead in order to get what he wants.
  7. That he will play with his sister when I need her to be distracted, that he watches out for choking hazards for her, that he tells me when she has something she shouldn't, that he is her protector (and antagonizer, but that is for a different post). 
  8. That he regularly says "guess what?" and "um, um, um, um" and "did you know that?" and "I'm really good at (fill in the blank)" and "I'm having a rough day" and "okay mumma." I'm sure there are many more things he says that are just so Simon, but I'm drawing a blank now.
  9. That he will give me the biggest, full on body hug any and every time I ask.
  10. His laugh, his voice, his greenish eyes, his perfect teeth, his sense of humor, his confidence, his everything.

The girl:

  1. The way she runs around and laughs and everything and nothing all day.
  2. That she still runs as though she has no control and looks like she will fall any second, but usually stays upright.
  3. That her smile is so big and bright and shows off all her pearly whites (even the molars, it's kind of crazy huge).
  4. That she has more hair than any other kid I've ever seen at her age...and even lots of adults.
  5. That she says "thank you" when she hands you something. 
  6. The way she says the words Berta, shoes, whoa, swing, Cecilia, cheese and hello. I don't know why they stand out to me but I love the way they come out.
  7. That she likes to be in her stroller 90% of the time it's required of her.
  8. That she will pull Bryan into the living room and start dancing so that he puts music on for her, so that she can really start dancing.
  9. That since she could smile she's been particular about who gets to see it. If she doesn't see you regularly, chances are you're not going to see that beautiful grin of're likely going to see a cold stare straight in the eyes (which is why I understand when people call her "serious" even though I would never, ever in a million years describe her that way). 
  10. That she too goes to bed in 90 seconds, her deep brown skin and even darker eyes, they way you know she loves her brother and will say "bradah" if you tell her to say Simon, that she gets wild and loopy rather than crabby when she's tired, her laugh that I could never explain in words but could surely pick out of a line up, her everything too.

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  1. You are such a lucky mama, and I, a lucky mama and grandma!