Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I like blogging. I like taking pictures of my kids. I love that I have this as a crazy detailed baby book for them, so I feel bad that I've sucked so horribly at it for the past several month. Damn new career! Haha. Career. I don't know if we can call it that yet, but it feels fitting enough for now :) Anyway! I'm going to try to really change that.

The only way to do that is to remember that I. Don't. Need. To. Edit. Pictures. Of. My. Kids!!!!!! Right? Okay so I can't not edit them a tiny bit, like if they turned out too dark or something, but I'm going to try to ignore a bad crop or a booger or something. It will be great practice to get it right in the camera in the first place anyway :) 

So we need to go back to Halloween. 

I didn't really get Cecilia a costume this year. And by "didn't really" I actually just mean "didn't." You may recall that Simon went through a bit of a costume phase and we have so many leftover. I knew she wouldn't care at all so we stuck her in a burger costume and called it a day :) We did a few Halloweeny things, including going to an old park, trick or treating downtown and actual trick or treating in our neighborhood. I only have pictures of 2nd event. The first one was way too dark and the last one was rainy and we got soaked!

I was unsure about the Power Rangers thing because he punched one of my friends in the junk "to protect himself" because my friend was pretending to be a vampire, but he did his "time" and I gave him a second chance. So here are my burger and my Power Ranger....


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