Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A little school, a little latte, a little shake

Since about January, Bryan and I have been trying hard to figure out which school to send Simon to next year (really it's been an ongoing discussion for five years). It was only between one private and one public school, but it seemed like such a difficult choice. We spent so much time weighing the pros and cons, but all we really needed to do was walk through the halls on a regular school day and our decision would be made for us.

After touring both schools with their respective principals, there is no longer a shadow of a doubt that we are making the right choice. We are both in complete agreement that our family belongs at the public school and honestly would pay to have him go there if that were necessary (which happily it is not!).

Funny how you can think about something all day long, but then you live each decision for 20 minutes (aka walking the halls) and the pros and cons list doesn't even matter anymore because you just know. Nice how that works out sometimes :)


Sometime in Fall of last year I decided to give up coffee because of the calories (hello creamer!) and its likely negative impact on my never-ending heartburn. Well, this new little rule of mine quickly turned into "no coffee at home," leaving Starbucks wiiiiiide open. So, sure, I consumed less coffee but those addicting, devilish lattes are full of calories and they cost a fortune.

My little plan backfired.

I'm happy to report, however, that my urge to sneak through the Starbucks drive through has been squashed by my own newfound ability to make a delicious latte at home. I've been playing around with a recipe and finally found one that rivals Starbucks, plus it only uses real ingredients and costs pennies. (I've all out stopped caring about the calories because this is just plain worth it and as for the heartburn, whether I drink a 1/4 cup of coffee or not doesn't seem to make a difference so I'm going to enjoy every sip.)

1/4 c very dark coffee
3/4 c milk
1 tsp cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp pure maple syrup

We have a milk frother so I mix together everything but the coffee first, then pour them together. So easy, cheap and delicious. Screw you and your $4 lattes, Starbucks :)


Sadly, I have lost my passion for running. I love to hear about other people running and their goals and accomplishments, but it's not fitting into my life right now. Mostly because I don't want it to (I only want to run when it's nice out and when I don't have to bring along a child...not likely to happen any time soon).

Really I just want to have fun.
And shake some tail feathers.

Enter Zumba :) My friend Julie asked me to try a class with her at the Y a month or so ago and I loooooove it. It's not a crazy good cardio workout like running is, but it gets you moving and is so much fun for an hour. It fits perfectly into my life right now and I'm so happy she asked me to do it because I NEVER would have done it on my own (classes are scary the first time).

So that's all, I like Zumba. Enough to blog about it (not sure if that's saying much or not....ha).


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