Thursday, March 28, 2013

Simon. Cecilia.

Simon has been a little too "social" on the bus lately. So much so, that the bus driver had to have a little chat with me. It's not the social part that is the problem, it's the walking around on the bus in order to be social that is the problem. Simon assured me it will never happen again.

Cecilia walked around outside for the very first time in her short little life. She walked on snow and grass and wood chips and you could see the pure excitement and curiosity on her little face. I tried to absorb the moment.

When Simon wakes up in the morning he walks to his door and I hear it click when it opens. He shuffles down the hall and slowly takes each stair one at a time. I never want to forget the pattern of his morning footsteps.

When I put Cecilia to bed at night she will always put her head down on my shoulder literally for as long as I'll let her. It's quite possibly the best part of my day. Maybe that's why I put her to bed so early :)

Simon always likes to wear sleeveless shirts and I finally asked him why. He told me it's because then he can show off his upper arm tattoos. He also likes his nails painted blue and red; blue for ice power and red for fire power. When I asked what the kids say at school about his nails he said sometimes the boys laugh at him (insert mom's broken heart here), but proceeded to want his nails repainted despite the laughs. I asked if the laughs bothered him. He said, "Yeah it bothers me a little. I won't paint my nails when I'm six. Can you pain my nails now?" I pray that he forever stays as confident as he is today.

Cecilia is getting so goofy and fun in her old age. As challenging as toddlers can be, I love how full of life they are. She rolls around on the floor giggling about who knows what. She carries books all over the house and laughs at the pictures. She pretends to hand you something then takes it away at the last second and thinks this is hilarious.

Easy to love, these two.

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  1. I love all these little details. I'm jealous of cc on floor giggling. Hugh doesn't do that but he does hand me something and then want it back and he thinks he's sooo tricky. Rr