Tuesday, March 19, 2013


A friend of mine called me on Sunday to ask whether leprechauns visited our house because her kids had high expectations (unbeknownst to her until that morning). I said no. We spent most of the day Saturday trying to convince Simon that leprechauns were not real because apparently schools set traps for them? Well he got it in his head that if we didn't set traps all over our house a "lefrechaun" was going to come and throw him in a sack. Despite our best efforts at easing his fears, he slept in our bed that night. Thank you to the person or persons responsible for this meltdown; I owe you.

With or without this fear of a little green man, I had no plans to do anything but maybe wear green if I remembered. Then a beautiful blog post came my way and I felt liberated. It made me feel like it was okay to all but ignore these little holidays and that there are other women out there just like me :)

Here's my favorite part from that post:

"But I can’t do this alone. Fellow parents . . . teachers . . . sunday school workers . . . I beseech you. BRING IT DOWN A NOTCH.  Ya’ll are setting up expectations that I just can’t maintain. Wouldn’t we all be just a little happier if we returned to the slacker days of store-bought valentines and kit-dyed eggs and JUST WEARING A GREEN SHIRT AND CALLING IT A DAY?"

I did save a green diaper for Cecie to wear on Sunday, though. I even threw a green tank on her and we pretended it was summer...


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