Thursday, March 14, 2013

Perfect Day?

I recently read a blog post about someone who posted a few things on Facebook that gave the impression of a perfect day. In reality, her day was far from perfect and it was a comical account of what really went down that day.

It made me wonder what impression I give people in this space. I know I read some other blogs and they definitely give the impression of perfection, even if they are saying things aren't perfect, somehow everything still looks perfect. It doesn't really matter, though. I think anyone who has a blog like mine (in other words, a super high tech and detailed baby book) is just writing to capture these days that go by too fast so we can relive them when we are old and alone in our big empty houses (nice thought, right?!). So as usual, I will keep writing for me and my future empty nesting self as truthfully as possible no matter what impression I'm giving to the world. {Oh, and I suppose it's for my children to look back on too.}

Along with the aforementioned blog post that I read, these pictures also had me thinking about this very issue. Because don't we look happy? Doesn't this look like a fun day with a super hands on mom? Well first of all, this was the first snowman we've ever made (sad that I feel so guilty admitting that like I'm going to be judged to high heaven for this). Second of all, he was such a big fat whiner before making the snowman that I told him he was ruining our fun. Third, I almost didn't finish it with him because he was complaining so much about the shape; I couldn't help that the snowballs were turning out like squares...this was my first rodeo in years, remember?

Okay, so really it was pretty fun overall, but it was a rocky start :)


Bryan, seeing my Simon-sized snowman, decided to try to one up me. He chose to focus on height and perfectly shaped snowballs for the body. Jerk.

I think mine was better.


P.S. I've been thinking about how pictures can lie for a while :)


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