Tuesday, July 23, 2013

70.3 kind of day

On Sunday Bryan participated in his first "official" Ironman event. He's done the half Ironman distance before (1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run), but never one that was put on by the Ironman company. As a spectator, I could definitely tell a difference between that and other non-Ironman events. They definitely know what they're doing! The best parts as a spectator were that we could easily cheer Bryan on several times without having to move around too much, in between cheering there was an awesome beach for the kids to play at, and they had plenty of food and drinks for sale including veggie dogs which you normally can't find anywhere outside of the grocery store. Score a few extra points for Ironman in my book :) Next year I think Bryan will be doing a full one (why I don't know), and I hope it goes just as well all around!

It was a long morning as these things tend to be, but it was a fun day with the kids and my mom. I'm going to pretend that Simon didn't have a meltdown over God knows what for about an hour. Seriously. Ignoring. It never happened. He didn't say it was "the worstest day of his life."

Moving on from that....

Here was our day in pictures:

He's just starting his run and is looking pretty good!

This was where the crabbies started. He tried to hide under a blanket for awhile...

A rare moment of sleeping in the stroller. This was of course her only nap for the day and it lasted about 20 minutes, but it was cute while it lasted. Notice the sand all over her face that I couldn't get off...

He's right about to finish and not feeling quite so happy as when he started the run...but he was done so there was something to be happy about!

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