Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Girl, 18 Months

Today Cecilia is 18 months old. She's a full fledged toddler, one who has so many teeth, so much hair and such long skinny limbs that people are always shocked to hear she's not at least 2.

So teeth. She's got them all, as far as I can tell anyway. Her top incisors are part way through and they are the last to make their grand entrance. When she smiles, you can pretty much see them all.

And hair. This is a bit of a struggle for me lately because she doesn't want to sit still; I can't blame her. I've at least figured out a method for washing her hair that is tolerable for us both and I'll keep at styling as much as she will allow.

And those long limbs. They allow her to climb on everything. And run. And grab things that aren't intended for baby hands. That's our stage right now.

The past couple of weeks have been pretty great with her (knock on wood). The epic tantrums she had been throwing all the time for a couple of months have gotten a ton better and are not really an issue at this juncture (I'm certain they'll return at some point). She just kind of wanders around, plays with things, looks at things, puts shoes on, etc. I would completely describe her as a jolly little goof when she's at home, but she is much more serious around other people. Simon has always had one personality and it follows him where ever he goes. She definitely has a shy side and has for as long as I can remember. Funny to see that trait continue as she grows up!

She has a thing about dressing and undressing. The undressing part lead to a crib full of crap the other day. It was all over her - in between her toes, on her hands, a little on her lower get the idea. Luckily she hasn't shown signs of e-coli poisoning yet and she didn't get any in her hair by some kind of miracle. These things happen I guess. All I can do is put footless footie jammies on her backwards so she can't escape and repeat the offense :)

One thing that's definitely tough with her at this age is going to friends' houses who do not have an 18 month old. Or going to parks. I hate parks right now. All of this is expected and temporary, though. Soon enough I'll be able to ignore her when we have play dates :) haha

God, I love this girl.


  1. Happy Half Birthday. I LOVE that first picture. She's beautiful.

  2. Can't believe she is 18 months old! Going so fast! She's beautiful!

  3. 18 months is often times very challenging..I'm happy to hear about all the fun stuff, too! In almost all of the pics, you can tell she is "into" something. Figuring something out, learning something, working on a it. Love her.