Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Taylor Weekend Number 9

This past weekend we were up in the Eagle River area for our 9th Annual Taylor Weekend. Here are a few highlights:

-Mike Taylor shot off a water balloon with a slingshot and fell backwards into the lake. I'm pretty depressed I didn't actually see it happen, but I did see him in the lake before he got out so I could try to picture it.

-We played musical chairs. For real. This produced some of the most laughs of the weekend.

-Dan the Man got a beer bottle to the forehead during a heated game of Beersby. Not really a "highlight" but definitely a crazy moment! Along this line, we almost got knocked out by a giant branch that fell onto the picnic table we were sitting at. It hit Peggy on it's way down a little, but luckily there were no major injuries.

-Grandpa Vuolo's lecture on keeping the cabin clean was hilarious. I wish, wish, wish we had his impassioned speech recorded.

-Getting to know Chris' bride to be, Brenda, a little better. She was such an awesome addition to Taylor Weekend!

-Roasted cheese curds (thank you, Andy). This is something we get every year, but it's always a favorite and something I only eat this one weekend out of the year. If you've never put a cheese curd on a stick and roasted it marshmallow-style you are missing out.

All around it was a pleasant weekend with great friends. We mostly just relaxed, played games and had many conversations ranging from the Bible to whether Joe's friend is really a bitch or just really looks like one. Haha :)

Until next year!


  1. This post is awesome!

  2. Oh my gosh! A roasted cheese curd? I want that reallllll bad! Looks like a great weekend. So fun that you all have that tradition. Rr

  3. what about the CREEPERS?!
    and LV did NOT have a panic attack!
    and the fact that I made it out to the raft, while you and LV did not! :)
    and the spoons grab that lasted at least a minute between LV and AL..and left LV with finger injuries.
    and all the period talk!
    hahaha..still laughing!