Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Strange Phenomenon, Part 2

On October 21, 2011 I wrote the following:

When Simon was first potty trained, I knew that if I ever said anything like, "he hasn't had an accident in forever," I'd be cleaning up pee by sunset. How did I know? Because it happened pretty much every time.

I took this lesson to heart when it came to vomit. Whenever anyone would discuss their kid's vomiting (normal discussion, right?) I would do my best to stay quiet because I didn't want to jinx the puke-free streak we've had since the days of baby spit up.

So early last week when I was discussing with a friend what seemed like a lot or a little in regards to the number of times for a child to vomit in their young lifetimes, I said it. I said something on the lines of "anything seems like a lot I guess because we've been lucky so far...but mark my words, now by the end of the week he'll probably puke." I even went as far as to call my sister to tell her I'd have a puker by the end of the week because I opened my big fat mouth. 

But, alas, I was wrong. The puke didn't come until the end of the following week....

I titled the above post "A Strange Phenomenon" and today we have "A Strange Phenomenon, Part 2." 

A week and a half ago we were at a friend's house for dinner when Simon said his stomach didn't feel well. My friend has a serious puke phobia and I could see a hint of panic on her face so I decided to try to ease her worry by telling her that Simon really hasn't puked since he was a baby, outside of one time when he puked up phlegm during a coughing fit (which is what the above story was referencing). This seemed to make her feel better, but I proceeded to knock on wood profusely knowing that it wouldn't make a lick of difference since puke was now on the way. 

And sure enough. A mere 11 days after I opened my big mouth, my son puked actual food particles up for the first time. Sixteen hours after that, Cecie blew partially curdled milk and edamame chunks on her wall, floor, mattress and crib.

A strange phenomenon, indeed. 


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