Saturday, January 5, 2013

Seasonal Affective Disorder, At Your Service

Today at book club I was whining to the girls about the stage we're in with Cecie right now. Namely, that she takes two naps a day, which coupled with Simon having to be home in time to go to school in the afternoons means we don't really have time to do anything outside of grocery shopping or maybe going to the library on any given day.

But later I realized, none of this really bothered me in the summer or fall, yet our situation was exactly the same. I recall looking forward to the days of just one nap, but certainly not to this extent.

It's not Cecie's napping. It's not Simon's school.

It's winter. I hate winter. I hate having to get bundled up. I hate having to take a hot shower every afternoon because I just can't handle the cold in my bones anymore. I hate cracked hands and runny noses and wet socks from melted snow puddles. I hate weeks on end of overcast days. I hate the lack of affordable, fresh produce. I hate feeling like I am trapped at home because it's too cold or too much work to take the kids anywhere, even though getting out is exactly what I know we need to do.

So now what? I'm quite certain that for the rest of my life I am going to be dealing with several months of winter each year so it'd be nice to not let it get me down. Perhaps it's New Years resolution time, and perhaps it should be to get out of my damn house at least once a day and/or to have Cecie skip her morning nap in favor of visiting a friend or taking Simon somewhere fun. It can't hurt.

Summer, I miss you something fierce. Flurries outside my window, you can suck it.

Whining session over...


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