Friday, January 4, 2013

Fruit Nookie

You know those little mesh sacks with a handle you can put food in for a baby? Not sure what they're really called (mesh teether maybe?), but Simon has dubbed them Fruit Nookies. Somehow, these Fruit Nookies keep my big kid and my little baby equally happy so I think they're a pretty amazing invention (which is why we have three).

On a related note, Simon gave me some unsolicited parenting advice today; when he is throwing a fit I'm supposed to fill the Fruit Nookie up with his favorite frozen berries and shove it in his mouth. He assured me this would stop all his crying. I asked him if he thought he should be rewarded with a Fruit Nookie for throwing a fit and he agreed that his thinking may have been flawed. It's a nice thought, time he loses his mind I might just try it :)

And on an unrelated note, we're going freestyle for a few days....

Okay, maybe we'll use a headband.
And if you're interested, this is not camera trickery. She really does have that much hair. 
Big Brother thinks it's super cool :)

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  1. Simon always has such good ideas :) And that girl has some hair!! Love it!