Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun in the Sun

I know I've mentioned this about 18 times here, but I'm not quite ready to shut up about it yet. Maybe this 19th time will do the trick? The truth is, I'm just not used to it yet.

It'll be old news soon enough, I promise. Watching Simon learn to feed himself and use his jaw to chew literally used to make me emotional (look at him, he's CHEWING!). So it's entirely possible that my sense of "pride and joy" is a bit overinflated. My point, however, is that his ability to chew has more or less become old news over the years (if you can believe that) so I'm pretty sure his ability to read will follow suit at some point.

Finally, I reach my point. Reading. He's making so much progress every day and MAN is it more exciting than chewing! I'm just not over it yet. One day I will be I'm sure, but not today.

I posted a video of him reading about a month ago, but he was way too distracted by me with my phone in his face so we didn't get too far. This time I was out of his line of vision so he didn't even notice me. It's a little hard to hear still, but you get the idea :)

What kinds of things (big or small) have your kids done that have left you bubbling over??


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