Saturday, January 12, 2013


I have a couple of scoops of formula left and I don't intend to buy any more. Cecilia has easily transitioned into drinking whole milk, but I keep looking at that last little bit of powder and I don't want to use it up quite yet. With most things I love watching my babies growing up and don't feel particularly nostalgic about a certain stage disappearing because the next one is so exciting, but for some reason saying goodbye to formula, of all things, is tugging at the old heartstrings.

I can't help but wonder if when it's gone it will be the last time I ever have it in my house for one of my own kids. I'm as surprised as anyone to acknowledge how very sad that makes me. I can't decide if it's a sadness that would come at some point no matter how many kids we had or if it's a sadness that means I'm not ready to say "no more" with any amount of finality.

There are bigger things happening in the world than a dwindling can of formula, though.

My sister's cousin-in-law passed away on Friday; her baby was born on Monday. When you hear of unimaginable tragedy like that, sometimes all you can do is take time to be grateful for every moment you have. For me, it means being grateful for every can of formula I ever got to buy, every scoop I ever got to empty in a bottle, every bottle I ever got to hold for my child and every stage I've ever had the privilege to watch them navigate through.

This woman was robbed. Her baby was robbed. Her husband and family were robbed. For them, I'm here to remind you (and me) to accept what comes your way graciously. It may not always be fun or blissful or even remotely enjoyable and that's okay, but at the end of the day let's all remember to be thankful for these days we were not robbed of.

And say a prayer for V and her family while you're at it...


  1. You never know what it'll be that gets you tearing up! Pw

  2. Good post Theresa. Yes, saying many prayers for V & her family and remembering to be thankful!