Monday, January 21, 2013

The Fun Factor

There are so many fun things about having kids. They are cute, funny and in a constant state of learning which is fascinating to watch. So while Cecie is all of those things, she is also an 11 month old keen on asserting her independence. The fun factor has its limits with a few things these days...

Diaper Changes. Unless there is a bottle in Cecie's mouth she will be trying to escape the diaper change. Pinning her down with one leg so I can get this task accomplished makes me feel like a big bully, but I'm just not sure how else to get this particular job done without getting poop on my floor. Which has happened. More than once. 

The Limp Noodle. You know, when your kid doesn't want to be held so they lift their arms up and go completely slack in your arms (sometimes adding flair by mercilessly wiggling and thrashing) so you have no choice but to put them down or drop them. Either way, they get what they want. Cecie has mastered this. Absolutely mastered it. 

The Plank. In contrast to The Limp Noodle, we're also dealing with The Plank. She uses this method when she doesn't want to get strapped into her carseat or stroller. I don't think I need to expand further. You've either been there or can imagine how fun it is to get a completely rigid baby strapped into something that requires her body to bend at the waist. As luck should have it, she managed to combine The Plank with The Limp Noodle while I was trying to get her into the shopping cart for the first time ever this morning. And here I was thinking we weren't going to go through grocery shopping hell with this one. I'm an idiot. 

Whining.  Cecie may or may not turn her head when she hears "Big Whiner," because she's called Big Whiner several times a day (but only when she has it coming). Along these lines, her first song might just be "Cry Me a River" by Justin Timberlake. I sing it to her often (I'm not the only one, right??).

The Broken Leg Cry. When general whining is boring her, she resorts to The Broken Leg Cry. She won't hesitate to play this card if I take something away from her, I put her in her pack and play, I look at her the wrong way, I suggest nap time, I try to get her to stand up, I pick her up, I put her in the bath, I don't get her food fast enough, I don't refill her bottle fast enough. Et cetera. You never know when it will strike, she always keeps us guessing.

The Baby Island. There is a general rule of thumb we follow when going out to dinner lately: the smallest person has the most space at the table. She becomes her very own Baby Island. If anything is in her reach it WILL land on the floor so she has nothing but free space as far as her little fingers can reach. So what happens? Without fail one of the rest of us will spill something because we are so cramped together, thereby negating the effectiveness of creating Baby Island in the first place.

Like I said, the fun factor does have its limits.

BUT we have a baby who is almost a year old and I'm pretty certain the above nonsense comes with the territory. So we just take the crazy with the cute and call it a day!

Here are Simon and Cecie at about the same age, surely pulling the same kinds of crap :)


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