Monday, April 1, 2013

One Point for Easter.

I'm starting to like Easter.

As Simon was going to bed on Saturday night he was so excited for the Easter Bunny he could hardly contain himself (surprisingly, he fell asleep fine). Then in the morning he was all over in our bed trying to get us moving so he could start his hunt.

This is exactly how I pictured Christmas Eve and Christmas morning to look. Only Christmas is so overdone that by the time presents are under our tree at home I think it's lost some of its magic. Plus seeing all the presents lends itself to a "what else did I get?" attitude, while having the basket and all of its contents right there in the open lends itself to a "look at everything I got!" attitude. So I like that. Don't get me wrong, Christmas is fine, but I really just love the simplicity of Easter traditions. Plus it's fun seeing Simon try to work out the concept of the resurrection in his little brain :)

We had dinner at my parents house on Saturday (delicious vegetarian pot pies), went to church in the morning on Sunday (thank you Cecilia for making this hour every week super fun), then hit the road to spend time with my in laws. My mother in law usually does an Easter egg hunt outside and it was particularly epic this year. Their back yard had 25 eggs and who knows how many small gifts scattered about on the deck, grass and bushes. Cecilia was definitely involved this year! Then because of my stupid cat allergies, we decided to take the kids to Funset Boulevard where Simon (and Bryan) played arcade games and Cecilia played mostly in a ball pit (one child's fun is another mom's nightmare haha).  Afterwards we met for dinner at a restaurant with a couple more family members and that was it!

Here are my favorite pictures from the weekend:


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