Saturday, August 13, 2011

Backpack Time

I decided to take Simon to pick out his backpack for preschool today. Rookie mistake. It's August 13th and apparently by August 13th all the character backpacks are long gone. Luckily by the time we got to the store Simon was so excited to be picking out his very own backpack that he really didn't care what was on it, despite requesting a "show" backpack on the way there.

He was happy with one that had a dinosaur on it and I was happy that it cost me less than five bucks....

But for the first time, I felt that urge parents must feel when they spend obscene amounts of money on clothing so their kids fit in. I don't intend to fall victim to such frivolity, but for the first time I understood how it happens....I better get my act together before Simon winds up a spoiled brat wearing everything Guess and Girbaud (those are still "in" right?).

Anyways, after I had fleeting worries about whether my three year old will fit in at preschool if he has a cheap backpack (a totally valid worry, I know), I looked over and saw how freaking cute he is and realized that with a face like this he's gonna be golden...which I can say because I'm his mama :)


  1. That's one of the cutest backpacks I've ever seen. All my cousins loved dinosaurs when they are so young, he might be one of the most popular kids at preschool. When's he start? JG

  2. He will do awesome in preschool. All kiddos love dinosaurs at his age. :) No worries there! Guess? Girbaud? Come on Theresa! Those are no longer "in" It's all about Abercrombie and Under Armor now--well that what was cool with my kiddos.
    Best wishes to Simon!