Thursday, August 11, 2011

"our baby"

This week I was gifted a baby toy. I put it in my car and this is what ran through Simon's brain (and therefore came out of his mouth):

"When can I see our baby? I really want to see our baby. I want to show her how to use this toy. Why can't we see her? I think Daddy is going to be really surprised when she comes. When is she coming? When can she play with that toy? I want to keep it in the toy room so she can play with it. When will she be big like Jackson? Will she be able to pet Elliot? Elliot always runs away from me. How will she use her arms to pet Elliot? When can we see her?"

All I could say was that I really wanted to see her too and I wish I knew when that day was going to come. It kind of breaks my heart that I can't give him an answer, but one of my preggo friends put a really positive spin on the not knowing part of all of this. She is one of those nutters (love you) who doesn't want to find out the gender and won't spill the beans on their favorite names. She reminded me that I already know the gender and will probably get a name all settled so having a little surprise in the form of a "due date" just adds some fun to it.

I can try to accept that :)


  1. I just can't wait to meet her!!!!!


  2. haha "Try" to accept it is all you can do. hard for us all to wait-but so so so SO hard for your whole family to wait. keep up the good work. be strong. love from-the nutter (never heard that word?) RR