Friday, April 5, 2013

Almost midnight y'all

It is deja vu around here these days. Cecilia has (yet another) cold that is looking exactly like the one before. Tonight is the night when she wakes up coughing and we don't know whether to let her work it out herself or go in and hold her. If I go in and hold her, she is sure to wake up and get angry when I lay her back down. If I don't go in and hold her, all that pesky phlegm threatens to stay firmly in place forever and we run the risk of an all night coughing party.

You'd think after going through this a handful of times this winter we'd have it all figured out....maybe by the next one we'll have our shit together and know just what to do.

Tonight I decided to go in and hold her for a few minutes so gravity could help her out a little. When I put her back down she yelled at me for a minute but soon calmed down (score). Then her little noises started (what ever opposite of "score" is). She has been making noise for the past twenty or so minutes with no sign of stopping so instead of trying in vain to ignore said noises, I decided to come and give you folks a run down of what's been happening round these parts tonight. You can thank Cecilia for your current reading pleasure the next time you see her.


Earlier I made the very questionable choice of renting the first Harry Potter movie from the library to watch with Simon. Questionable because I am downright desperate for him to love the books (no pressure, kid) and if he sees the movies first that might stand in the way of his interest in reading them. I got impatient though. I really wanted him to know what muggles are and who Hagrid is among other things. So we sat down on the couch together and watched about half of it before it got to be too late. And by "watched it" I mean that he watched it and we answered his constant smattering of questions as they popped into his head every 4 seconds or so.

He said he wanted his name to be Simon Potter. On the way to bed was practicing how to say wingardium leviosa. He even told me he wanted to be Harry Potter for Halloween.

Be still my heart.


It's been a good 45 minutes since her noises began and she is WIDE awake up there. I don't know what in the world she is doing, but it's definitely not sleeping. A happy and awake baby at 11:50pm is always better than a sad and awake baby at 11:50pm right? She is literally giggling to herself right now. Even sick and keeping us up in the middle of the night she manages to be do I love her. And man do I hope she shuts her yapper soon. Seriously, child. Shut it. Nothing is funny right now. Go to sleep...


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