Monday, April 29, 2013


It's almost felt like summer these past few days.

It's been so nice to get outside with the kids and enjoy some fresh air. Gotta love the smell of spring...especially when you now have functioning windows in your kitchen (thanks, Hubs). On Saturday I was tricked into thinking that lots of outdoor fun would mean long afternoon naps for the little one since she rocked a three hour snooze, but I appear to have been sadly mistaken.

For two days in a row now, she has basically not napped at all. Good times. I'm going to choose not to dwell. So anyway, back to the nice weather.

The swings gave Cecie motivation to add a new word to her list..."weeeeee!" It's quite adorable :)

And today Simon and his cousins caught a poor sucker of a frog. It made them quite happy, but I'm sure the frog didn't love being manhandled by four young children. They were, however, pretty respectful of the little guy with the exception of dropping it accidentally a couple of times (but the kids are short so the falls couldn't have been too traumatic, right?).

I look forward to lots of days ahead just like these past few (with the exception of the whole brush with death thing that I'm still trying to force out of my mind). So here's to a warm, SAFE spring and summer!

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