Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daddy Time

Our neighbors have this thing called "Daddy Time." If you tell the kids to go home by their daddy, they will stall and do what kids do when they'd rather stay put. If you change the way you say it and tell them, "It's Daddy Time," they will haul ass out the door like they're on fire and won't look back. Daddy Time means something extra fun and exciting is about to happen.

While we didn't call it Daddy Time, Simon had just that on Saturday.

Bryan saw an ad for a dinosaur documentary called Flying Monsters 3D at the Milwaukee Public Museum so he and the boy made a date. Simon did a lot to prepare for this father-son day in the week preceding it: he collected snacks for the movie for the two of them and put them in Bryan's car for safe keeping, he tried to get me to buy two juices for the same reason and he even planned out what they were going to eat for breakfast together that morning (cereal).

It's not like they never do anything together, but usually we're just all together or they are doing something that is already their thing so it's not out of the ordinary (ie swimming at the Y). The very idea of it made Simon stick like glue to Bryan every time he saw him for was pretty cute.

So anyways, I was home with Cecilia slightly jealous that they were off having big kid fun while they were doing their thing. Luckily Bryan took some pictures so I could sort of pretend that I didn't miss out :)


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