Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hair Day

Tomorrow is hair day.

And tomorrow is a particularly important hair day to me because we're in a bit of a hair pickle (this is a real thing, trust me). I have to figure some things out. I'm starting to worry that she's going bald by her forehead hairline. And maybe in other spots. I realize that this doesn't exactly look like a balding child....

...but I keep finding chunks of hair around. And the hair right above her forehead is completely (and devastatingly) broken off. Poof. Gone.

So I'm left to wonder. Is she pulling out her hair? Is it just falling out because it's been "free" for a couple of weeks and it's naturally shedding a bit? Is it breaking against her crib sheets? Is it breaking because she loves to rub crap on her head in order to make Simon laugh and Mom cringe (both equally appealing to her)? Is it breaking because I'm handling it too much? Too little? Am I not moisturizing it enough? Have I put too much product in?

And the biggest question of all, what in the hell should I do with her hair tomorrow??

This is what we call a learning experience. Not a crisis like all of my questions might suggest I'm turning this into, but something I need to address nonetheless.

So tomorrow is hair day. One that has me unusually nervous...especially since I just realized we're out of Bunny Crackers. Yikes.


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