Friday, June 7, 2013

Dear Cecilia

My dearest Cecilia,
4:45am is not an acceptable time to be up for the day. You can cry all you want, but until it's an acceptable time to rise you're going to be looking at the walls of your baby prison (also known as your crib).

With all the love in the world (plus a little anger in my heart for all the interrupted sleep you've provided us with this week),


  1. The face in that last picture totally reminds me of Simon!!! Like his face for pretending to cry/be sad!!
    C?...I expect you'll return to your normal sleeping habits post haste!

  2. Ha ha ha. Love it. She's so cute. Emerson terrible lately too. had to bring out the baby swing and let him sleep in there last night, only to have Abby wander in our room at 330am. JG