Friday, June 21, 2013

Sweet Dreams

Last night Bryan was in Pennsylvania for work so I got a little caught up on a show he doesn't watch called Pretty Little Liars. In case you're unfamiliar, it's basically about these very well dressed high school girls who are always in the middle of blackmail and murder dramas. Finally around 10:30 I decided to turn off the ridiculousness and went to bed. When Bryan is gone I usually pull Simon into bed with me because I feel safer with all of us closer together (Cecie's room is connected to ours with a door), so I grabbed him and tried putting the last creepy episode out of my mind before drifting to sleep.

Apparently I failed the putting it out of my mind part. Around 11:30 I awoke to screams. They were of course coming from my now raw throat and my body was frantically kicking and thrashing to ward off the intruder. I desperately reached for my phone, but at some point it fell to the floor so this terrified me further (they must have taken it!). I reached for the lamp, fumbled to get it turned on, sat up and finally stopped screaming when I saw nobody was in the room. I sat there breathing heavy with a pulse racing faster than it ever does even when I'm sprinting. No joke. Simon groggily looked over at me and calmly asked "What are you doing?"

I believe I said something on the lines of, "nothing, it's okay, go back to sleep," before going to turn the overhead light on low for the rest of the night. It took quite some time for my pulse to go back to normal so I could drift back off to sleep.

Then Bryan's alarm from the day before went off at 3:30am. And again at 4:00am. Then our darling girl was up at 5:30.

Soooo that was my night. And yes, I can laugh about it.

{In case you're interested, I have had similar night terror experiences a handful of other times in my life. The most memorable was in the midst of reading Harry Potter and someone with an invisibility cloak was in my room. True story.}

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  1. I do this kind of stuff too. Just ask Raina about the nights he thought they were coming for her next. Because she could here me screaming.. Hahaha