Monday, June 17, 2013

She Speaks!

We are heading into one of the most fun stages to witness as a parent - talking (granted this simultaneously comes with some of the least fun stages to witness as a parent - tantrums - but we're not talking about that today).

It seems like every day Cecie is saying something new and she's getting more and more interested in repeating whatever we ask her to say. I would venture to guess she has somewhere around 25-30 words - the latest being "love you" which has come out as "lah you" or "ahv you." I don't care how she says it, it's going to melt me every single time.

So anyway, I tried to get a video of her saying a few words. She was generally cooperative, but it's kind of quiet. I wish I would have taken more videos like this of Simon; I know I'm going to love it some day!!


  1. precious!!! hugh's new thing is to say yes to everything but minus the s. so "yeh" to everyhing. so cute. i love that she can say simon or a form of it!!!! and love you! need to work on that one over here. RR

  2. so special to see how she's coming along. totally talking! can't wait to pick it all out...was fun to hear her talk yesterday!!