Saturday, November 17, 2012

Baby to Boy

In the car tonight I recited from memory the book Dr. Seuss's ABC to Simon. For those of you who are unfamiliar....

BIG A, little a. What begins with a? Aunt Annie's alligator a...a...a.

And so on and so forth through the entire alphabet. I'm sure millions of moms and dads can too recite complete books because their children have wanted them read so many times.

But this mom got a little bit screwed up on O and Y. Slight missteps aside, after my performance was complete I wanted some props from the boy in back and you want to know what he said? "Yeah, but you messed up on a couple."

My apologies.

Bryan took Simon to Math Night at school last week. One of their projects was to put leaves on a tree and since Simon was feeling lazy about it he said, "But it's Fall so there really aren't any leaves on the trees anyways."

Hard to argue with logic.

We were at the Gap the other day and Simon said to me, "My lips are super dry. Yours are too aren't they Mom?" Come to think of it my lips were super dry. "Yeah, Buddy, my lips are really dry too." Could he tell? Was it that obvious? It all became clear when I spotted the bowl of lip gloss on the counter.


He's not the first or last four year old to expect perfection from his parents or use logic as a means to an end or try to trick his parents into buying him something. He's our first four year old to do it, though, and it feels like he is growing up soooooo fast.

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  1. That kid cracks me up! I can't believe he said that about the leaves!!!!!! He is one smart cookie :)