Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving Thanks!

Last year I did a post a day of all the things I was thankful for from November 1st through Thanksgiving. This year I was too lazy to be that thankful, so I'm condensing my list to just this one post. So here are the 22 things I'm most thankful for this year, one for each day of November through Thanksgiving and in no particular order:

  1. Two beautiful, healthy kids. TWO. I have TWO kids now!
  2. With having two kids comes the joy of not caring about having another kid. Some days I don't feel so resolved here, but (for the most part) the pain of infertility has left the building. A serious thing to be thankful for.
  3. The mild fall we've been having, which has made waiting for the bus tolerable.
  4. The bus. It scares me and saves me at the same time.
  5. The jumperoo. Cecie has not learned how to crawl out of it yet; definitely can't say the same for the exersaucer.
  6. www.chocolatehair-vanillacare.com. Who knows what Cecilia's hair would look like without it.
  7. Simon's little (but physically quite large) brain. According to his teacher, right now he knows more than he is expected to know by the end of the school year. I'm thankful he isn't struggling.
  8. Apple. I do like the fruit, but I'm referring to the company. I'm not thankful for how much their products cost, but I'm thankful that you at least get what you pay for!
  9. New friends. I've grown closer with a lot of new people this year and I love how they each have their own interests, passions, issues, concerns, etc. They keep my life interesting.
  10. Old friends. I have managed to stay pretty close with a lot of people for many, many years. I'm so blessed to still regularly see people who I met in middle school and high school and even college (since college is somehow in the distant past too already). They still keep my life interesting, but also comfortable.
  11. Sisters. I have two sisters and one sister-in-law, all of whom I love dearly. One already lives too far away and another is moving too far away. The other one isn't allowed to leave me. I'm thankful for any time I get with them.
  12. Our kids' grandparents...aka our parents :) They do so much for us and especially know how to make our children feel loved and special every chance they get.
  13. Bryan. He went to a Fall Party in Simon's class today. Not surprisingly, he was the only dad there. While he did text me saying he was "set up" (making me laugh uncontrollably for a while), he stayed and played pin the tail on the turkey among other things. Our kids are so lucky to have him.
  14. I'm thankful I can hear and see. Not everyone gets the privilege, and sometimes they get taken away. My grandma is losing those privileges and even though she's now an old woman, it seems entirely too soon. I'm thankful for her too. I'll be thankful for any bit of technology that can help her manage life with these losses.
  15. Fleece footie jammies. Without this little life luxury my baby's feet would be permanently devoid of coverage.
  16. Woodman's. I have a grocery store five minutes away that sells all kinds of food you can't find at the Walmart grocery store or Piggly Wiggly or even Pick N Save. Love it.
  17. The Ergo baby carrier. I honestly don't know how I would accomplish anything without it (see number 5).
  18. God babies. My FIFTH God child will be born next week (or sooner I suppose)! 
  19. Bed time. Knock on wood, but bed time right now is about a 30 second ordeal for Cecilia and only slightly longer for Simon. I know the ease of this will go away when Cecilia is older, but now I also know that when she's even older bed time should be easy once again.
  20. Slippers, scarves, sweatshirts, fireplaces, blankets, hot water, furnaces and a dog that insists on warming my side of the bed before I get in. While it's been a mild fall, that deep chill is starting to creep in at night and I am so thankful for all these things that make winter in Wisconsin manageable. 
  21. Bryan. I know I mentioned him already, but only in his capacity as a father. You couldn't find me a better husband for so many reasons. My life is happy and settled and peaceful and there's very little I would change about it. All of this is directly related to everything he does for me and the way he treats me (he irritates me sometimes too, don't worry...haha).
  22. Two beautiful, healthy kids. TWO. I have TWO kids now! I am so lucky to look into both of their little faces every day. They are worth mentioning twice :)


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