Monday, November 26, 2012

Harry Potter, we'll meet again...

I saw this on Facebook tonight and it totally made me laugh. If it doesn't make you laugh, do yourself a favor and go read the Harry Potter series. I'm tempted to for the fourth time. Or would it be the fifth? I can't remember. All I know is that when I do read it again, I'll surely enjoy it just as much as any other time. A comment on Facebook made me realize that the next time I read it could be alongside this little guy...

We're years off from Harry Potter, but I am so excited that he is on his way. I didn't mark the day or the time or the book, but the tide has started to turn in our house. When we're sitting on the couch together with a book in hand, his voice can announce the words on the page instead of mine. The first time this occurred was definitely a fighting back tears moment (I also cried when he sat up for three seconds at his six month pictures, so I might not be the best judge of what's tear worthy in life). Now don't get me wrong, he is just starting out so he certainly can't read whatever you put in front of him, but he can read this and other things like it:

Jan ran.
Jan ran to the van.
Jan ran to the van to get a pan.
Jan ran to the van to get a pan and a can.
Jan ran to the van to get a pan and a can for Dan.

It's a start....and I'm kind of bursting with pride and excitement over here. Discussions of muggles and hallows and half-bloods here we come! :)


  1. i smiled when i read this. i would be bursting too.....and harry potter...yes so fun to share with your kids! rr

  2. what an amazing milestone! love that it's happening but sad that it's happening so quickly!! he still seems like such a little boy! reading amazes me...that little boy with that big brain amazes me! read simon read!

  3. How awesome! Go Simon!! He's going to love harry potter too :)