Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Big day

It's a big day, folks.

I'm sure you think I'm going to try to be cute and say it's a big day because of something unrelated to the election, but...it really is a big day because of the election.

To be perfectly honest, I'm not going to be too torn up about the results no matter which direction they go. There are things about both candidates that I like and dislike so I assume I will be emotionally calm later on this evening...but I am very interested to see what happens!

I am perhaps even more interested to find out what California says about labeling Genetically Modified Organisms. I absolutely think that GMOs should be labeled as such and even though this vote won't affect us here in Wisconsin necessarily, if it passes it would be step in the right direction. I find it fascinating that all those GMO makers are spending so much money to fight against the labeling of their own products...hmmmmm. I'm not even necessarily saying GMOs are bad, but I want to know explicitly what I am feeding my family. Even if you think GMOs are the bees knees (an opinion of which you are entitled) I still think you have the right to know when you're eating them.

Also, I'm interested to see what MN votes in regards to the gay rights issue. I hope they vote NO because I think that means YES, we love the gays! There are probably other states with other important things going on, but these are the only ones I know about :)

Okay, okay. Enough politics! Onto cuter and more lovable things...

This cute and lovable thing tried to break out of her pack and play today. From her armpits up she was over the side rail and her little feet were pushing against the walls trying to climb up and out. I don't think she could have accomplished it no matter how much effort she put forth, but the fact that she was putting forth the effort is quite unnerving. Simon never even thought about climbing out of his crib or pack and play until he was already in a big boy bed. Here she is at 9 months old and actively pursuing escape. I could cry for a few reasons...the biggest being if she learns how to crawl out of everything how will I ever go to the bathroom?!


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