Monday, November 12, 2012

Hair Hiatus

For the past couple of weeks Cecie has been rocking a headband in lieu of any kind of hairstyle. My hands and her locks needed a little break, but I felt motivated yesterday to try something new. I've done something similar in the past, but tried to buy some longevity by changing it up a little in the front. About a day later, it still looks almost as good as when we started so that's a serious win in my book!

While I was trying to get some pictures of the front, I got a picture of the back that actually shows how curly her hair is. Normally it's kind of hard for a photo to do it justice, but this one seemed to capture it pretty well. Almost hard to believe this is the back of a nine month old's head (if you ignore the little baby neck roll and little baby cheek of course):

And here is the view from the top:

And the best photos are always the ones that include her cute little face:

So that's that. Hair hiatus over. I'm guessing this winter might lead to more headbands, though, because those twists probably wouldn't last 5 minutes in a hat! Maybe we'll have a warm winter...which I would be okay with for many, many reasons :)


  1. She is so incredibly cute! Very impressed with your hair skills! :)


  2. your hair skills amaze me...glad she has you to give her these cute looks!