Saturday, December 22, 2012

Change in Plans

Today we were supposed to go up to Appleton to visit Bryan's Grandma and attend a Christmas party, but after another night of Cecie hacking away we thought better of it. The last thing a nursing home needs is a germy baby, and the last thing a germy baby needs is a day of travel and partying. So home we stayed.

We've been staying home a lot lately because it's been rather cold out, so to keep busy on days like this Simon has taken up the art of drawing monsters. This monster is one that eats other monsters so it's really a protective monster. He has been working diligently to make one for each of his friends, often calling people to get color requests (although their ideas seem to cramp his artistic vision so he does what he wants regardless).

What is really notable about these monsters is not that they are monsters at all, but that he's drawing. Just like Simon has never really been a puzzle kid, he's never really been a coloring kid. Rarely has he ever taken the time to color pictures and never has he taken the time to draw his own pictures then color them in. It's a new phase that I hope lasts because I really do love those little monsters and I cannot get enough of seeing him focus so hard that he can't keep his tongue in his mouth....

God, his face on that last one kills me. He is so determined and it.

When I told him that his monsters looked awesome, he said, "I know that, they're too easy for me," to which I responded, "I think you get your confidence from your father."


Staying home today also meant I had time to do Cecie's hair that I otherwise would not have had. While Simon was at gymnastics this morning, I decided to give it a whirl. Since she's not feeling up to par and is therefore a touch cranky, I didn't have very high hopes. Somehow - I think thanks to Glee - we managed just fine. I'm still itching to get the rest of her hair pulled back and know exactly how I want to do it and how I think it will work, but I worry I'll have a debacle like my first attempt and wind up spending all day on it only to go back to the drawing board the next day. Maybe next week.

Damn she's cute. 

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  1. She is absolutely beautiful and her smile just makes me so happy! I hope I get a monster from Simon (hint, hint...let him know) and I also love his concentration & determination in those pictures. Too cute :)