Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pictures (of the moving and still varieties)

This first video is just a few moments of time with my two little loves. This tiny fragment really does give you a glimpse into what our days are like. It's not always rainbows and sunshine, but we do pretty well for ourselves.

These next two videos illustrate what my children do when we visit their Great Grandma Ruthie - they race. My grandma and I love it!

This is basically the same thing from a different angle...I had to share this one because it has my grandma's voice in the background and it makes me happy.

 Sooooo big!

A rare sleep snuggle in the carrier while walking around downtown Chicago.

Such a bad ass. 

We were invited to walk through Candy Cane Lane by some friends who live near it, and one of the decked out houses had these tree and snowman photo op things...I don't think spooky was the intent, but there you have it.

Great Grandma Ruthie looking stunning.

I will never have enough pictures of these two together.

And finally, a new hairdo that is not getting its own post. Gasp.


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