Sunday, December 9, 2012

We'll see.

Our kitchen remodel has officially commenced. This is a big project that will include moving gas lines, adding electrical outlets, doing plumbing and building custom cabinetry. I'm really, really proud of my husband for learning how to do all of these things over the past several years. My contribution? Painting, giving my opinion and keeping the kids out of the kitchen when necessary. Fair enough.

Simon had a really rough week. Emotional is the only word that I could use to adequately describe him...or maybe emotionally unhinged would be a little better. Yesterday and today were significantly better, but still not quite normal. He has thrown more fits in the past five days than he has in the past five weeks combined probably. Talking calmly hasn't helped. Talking angrily hasn't helped. Threatening to take things away hasn't helped. Offering him rewards for being good hasn't helped. Getting extra sleep has least little. Tonight we started a new sticker chart for behavior that he was really excited about. Hopefully all the early bedtimes this week and the lure of a gold star will help us get our Simon back. We'll see.

Cecilia seems further away from walking today than she did a week ago. Is that even possible? She is more or less unwilling to try because she desperately wants to crawl to get to wherever she wants to go. Her doctor predicted she would start walking at ten and a half months which would be sometime in the next week or so. It will be interesting to see how close (or far off) his prediction was! In other news, I'm finding that the hair that is usually twisted up is looking so much healthier than the hair that is left loose (hence the term "protective styling"). I might try to figure out how to get it all pulled back again this week. We'll see.

My sister moved a couple of weeks ago and it was motivating to get my own house in order. We have zero plans to ever move, but it seemed like a good goal to get and keep my house as move-ready as possible. All that really means is to be organized. This is harder for some of us than others :) I made a great dent this week, though. I'm excluding the fact that all of the contents of our kitchen cabinets are sitting on the dining room table right now.

I've done almost no Christmas shopping yet and really have no idea what to get anyone. I'm getting closer to pinning down exactly what I want to make for our Christmas dinner, though. So that's something...

Enough randomness for one day. Time to try convincing Bryan to turn off the Packers and turn on Mad Men. We'll see.


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