Monday, December 17, 2012

We get today

Every day Simon reads a book to me. And every day I'm amazed at how fast he is learning. I might have to help him break a word down, but I rarely have to just come out and tell him what it is. It always makes me think about what kinds of books he might be reading come kindergarten or first grade. Will he keep progressing so quickly? Will he slow down? Will he lose interest or gain as it becomes easier for him to do?

Since Friday, another question has been in there...the question is, what if I never got the answers to these questions? What if I had to wonder forever what he was going to be good at or struggle with in school or sports or life? What if I had to wonder forever how tall he would be as a man or how many children he would have or if I would like his wife some day? What if I had to wonder forever what kind of teenager he would be or if he would get bullied in middle school or if he would ever need stitches or if he'd have lots of friends or be in the math club or on the golf team or work in an office building or be a tree hugger or have a passion for beer or or or . . .?

Too many parents have to wonder forever now.
My insides hurt for them.


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