Friday, December 28, 2012

S, You Surprise Me Too.

The older kids get, the more they catch you by surprise; usually this is especially amplified once they start talking. You just never expect your kids to say the things they say or think they way they do. What has continued to surprise me about the way Simon thinks is that he's extremely logical and will talk his way in or out of anything with arguments that actually make so much sense that it's hard to adequately fight back. As I always say, he's got an answer for everything.

Recently a friend gave him a candy cane and he wanted all of the wrapper taken off. She explained that it was better to keep it on so that his hands wouldn't get sticky. I could hear his response coming from a mile away and he didn't disappoint. He said, "Then I'll wash my hands." Nothing earth shattering here, but you get the idea.

The other day his logical little brain helped me out quite a bit. We were going to the grocery store and I forgot to write coffee on my list so I asked him to help me remember it. I said, "Don't let me leave the store without buying coffee!" His response? "We should just get it first so we know we won't forget it." Why couldn't my 31 year old brain think of such a simple solution? I expect many situations like this in our future. 

A minute ago we just finished reading a book and I said, "Man you stink!" and he said, "You fart when you have to fart. When it has to come out, you just have to let it come out. Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me again." Keeping it classy.

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  1. Ha-for some reason this is the first time i'm reading this post. love the "keeping it classy" line. it means so much to us mom's to write down some of the things they say-it just hits us in certain ways. i can tell that so much love oozes out of you for this special boy. RR