Friday, November 9, 2012

Walking and Jammies?

It's a good morning round these parts. Bryan came home around 1am after a 12 day business trip and he has the next three days with us. This morning when Simon woke up he came into our room, went right to Bryan's side of the bed, said, "I missed-ed you really much," and just laid there hugging his daddy with a grin on his face for a while. It was pretty cute.

I realize 12 days isn't much...there's the military, divorce, death, etc. that could keep families apart for much longer so I tried not to complain too much (maybe unsuccessfully?), but it's really nice to have him back! First order of business this morning was to fix a (very) leaky faucet. Welcome home, right?

Anyway, this morning while Bryan was being a plumber (thank God for a husband with many skills), I decided to try getting footage of Cecie strolling behind her zebra walker, something she's become fairly adept at in the past few days. And in a stroke of luck, Simon came in the scene to argue about his pants. This video makes me happy :)


  1. Wow...she might start walking soon?! She can really move with that! And I love Simon trying to convince you that "no one will ever know." Haha :)